Rührer und Rührstäbe

Thermo Scientific™ Variomag™ Mini Rührer

Thermo Scientific Variomag Mini Rührer sind für den Einsatz auf allerkleinstem Raum konzipiert. Magnetrührer MINI 20 inkl. TELEMODUL 20 CTELEMODUL

Fisherbrand™ Zylindrische Rührstäbe aus PTFE

Manufactured from PTFE encapsulated Alnico V magnet core. Fisherbrand™ Cylindrical PTFE Stir Bars are autoclavable. X10 Magnetrührstäbchen, PTFE, zylindrisch, 45x8mm

Thermo Scientific™ Variomag Micro Rührer

Thermo Scientific Variomag Micro Rührer sind hermetisch abgedichtete Rührer der Schutzklasse IP68 und können in Wasserbädern verwendet werden. Magnetrührer MICRO 07 inkl. TELEMODUL

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Magnetic Stir Bar, Double-sided crosshead

Designed for use with tube-like containers. Cowie Technology™ PTFE Magnetic Stir Bar, Double-sided crosshead include a crosshead on both sides of the stirrer for greater turbulence. Homogenisatorgefäß 10ml10ML

Fisherbrand™ Color-coded Micro PTFE Stir Bar

Use when quick visual identification is highly important. Fisherbrand™ Color-coded Micro PTFE Stir Bar is available in three colors: blue, red, and yellow. X10 Magnetic stir bar micro PTFE yellow 5mm x 2mmFisherbrand

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Micro Magnetic Stir Bar

Designed for the smallest containers. Fisherbrand™ PTFE Micro Magnetic Stir Bar are autoclavable. Magnetrührstäbchen, PTFE, zylindrisch, 10x3mm

Fisherbrand™ Glass-Encased Stir Bar

Use with very abrasive media that may erode PTFE. The glass-encased magnetic stir bar is cylindrical for a wide variety of uses. X5 Magnetic stir bar glass encased 13mm length

Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Advanced Stirring Hotplate

Reliable performance, dependable safety and precise control. Available with optimized controls and settings for applications that demand advanced precision. Isotemp Digital 7 x 7 Heizrührer mit Keramikoberfl

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Giant Stir Bar

Designed for use in large containers and vials. These giant PTFE-coated magnetic stir bares are autoclavable. Magnetrühtstabchen Gigant, PTFE, zylin- drisch,108x27mm

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Magnetic Stir Bar, Single-sided crosshead

Designed for use with tube-like containers yet very effective as general stirrers. The PTFE-coated magnet stirrers include a crosshead on one side of the stirrer. OMRÖRARMAGNET X-FORM PTFE 8X10MM FP=5

Fisherbrand™ PTFE-Rührstäbchen mit Mittelring

Provides stable stirring action. Fisherbrand™ PTFE Stir Bars with Pivot Ring are ideal for containers with uneven or unusual bottom surfaces and shapes. X5 Magnetic stir bar centre rim PTFE encased white 40mm x 8mm Fisherbrand

Corning™ Pyroceram™ Top Digital Stirring Hotplates, 230V

Affordable unit shows accurate temperature and stirring speeds in separate digital readouts PC620D-230V 10X10 HOT PLT/STIR DIGITAL DISPLAY25X25CM

Fisherbrand™ Color-coded Octahedral PTFE Stir Bar

Use when quick visual identification is highly important. Fisherbrand™ Color-coded Octahedral PTFE Stir Bar is available in three colors: blue, red, and yellow. Magnetrührstäbchen, achtkantig mit Mittel-ring,blau, 15x8mm

Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Stirring Hotplate

Experience precise stirring control, exceptional safety and temperature performance for your routine protocols. Isotemp 10 x 10 Heizrührer mit Keramikoberfläche,

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Poly 15 und Multipoint Rührer

Conduct stirring applications with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Poly 15 and Multipoint Stirrers for reliable, safe performance. Magnetrührer POLY 15, 15-stellig, grau, inkl.

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Stir Bar with Removable Ring

Provides stable stirring action. Fisherbrand™ PTFE Stir Bar with Removable Ring are autoclavable and include a pivot ring. X10 STIRBAR W/REMOVABLE RING 32X832X8

Fisherbrand™ ARE Model Aluminium-Magnetrührer mit Heizplatte

Ensures maximum protection against leakages with elevated front panel and dedicated run-off groove. Fisherbrand™ ARE Aluminum Stirring Hotplate with its control panel separated from the hotplate increases the safety rating during use. AREX MAGNETRÜHRER M. HEIZUNG 230V/50-60HZ

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec+™ Stirrer Series

Get precise stirring control for your routine protocols. Cimarec Basic 10'' x 10'' Rührer mit Kermikoberfläche, 230V, 50/60Hz

Fisherbrand™ Octahedral PTFE Stir Bar

Provides stable stirring action. These PTFE magnetic stir bars are autoclavable and include a pivot ring. The flat surfaces provide a great mixing action. X10 Magnetic stir bar octagonal PTFE encased 51mmx 9.5mm Fisherbrand

Fisherbrand™ Ovaler PTFE-Rührstab

Provides stable stirring action. Fisherbrand; Oval PTFE Stir Bar povides optimal turbulence for round-bottom flasks and containers. Magnetrührstäbchen, PTFE, ellipsenförmig, 40x13mm

Corning™ PC-420D Rühr-Heizplatte mit Digitalanzeige

Equipped with bright LED HOT TOP icon that lights up when top plate is over 60°C, even when heat control is turned off. Corning™ PC-420D Stirring Hot Plate with Digital Display provides a safe and efficient device for laboratory heating needs. The two piece casting design deflects spills away from electronics. PC420D-230V 5X7 HOTPLATE/STIRRER DIGITAL DISPLAY12X17CM

Fisherbrand™ Hub-Shaped Stir Bars

Provides very stable stirring, especially at low speeds. Fisherbrand™ Hub-Shaped Stir Bars are isostatically molded in pure, FDA-approved PTFE plastic. Magnetrührstäbchen, Scheibenform, PTFE, 70x37mmD70MM

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Magnetic Stir Bar, Cross-shaped

Use with containers, vessel, stirrers, and stirring hot plates. The PTFE-coated magnet stirrers are stable for many general purpose applications. The bars are cross-shaped for improved stirring action. Sternmagnetrührstäbchen, PTFE, D=25mm (VE=5 PCS)

Fisher Scientific™ RT Basic Magnetic Stirrers

Reliability with plug and play simplicity — ideal for routine stirring applications Fisherbrand RT Basic220mm top

Fisherbrand™ Scheibenförmige Rührstäbe aus PTFE

Provides stable stirring action for tubes. The disc-shaped stir bars are excellent for applications involving tubes. Magnetrührstäbchen, PTFE, ellipsenförmig, 6x9mmSPECTRO

Fisherbrand™ Set aus 12 Magnetrührstäbchen

For use in containers with bases that are slightly curved or uneven. Fisherbrand™ Star Bar Box Set, Octahedral is isostatically molded in pure, FDA-approved PTFE plastic. MAGNETIC FOLLOWER SET OF 12 OCTAGONALwith pivot ring encased in ptfe white 2 - 13x8,16x

Fisherbrand™ Einfache PTFE-Magnet-Rührstäbchen

Provides stable stirring action. Fisherbrand™ Plain PTFE Stir Bars provide greater turbulence than cylindrical stir bars. Magnetrührstäbchen, PTFE, zylindrisch, 12x4,5mm

Fisherbrand™ Rührstäbe, dreieckig, PTFE

Particularly effective for dissolving solids and mixing sediments due to scraping-like action on the base of the container. The triangular PTFE stir bar provides stable stirring action for flat-bottom containers. TRIKA-Magnetrührstäbchen 50x12 mm (VE=5 PCS)

Fisherbrand™ PTFE-Coated Rare Earth Core Stir Bars, Cylindrical

Use for significantly increased magnetic strength and resistance to demagnetization. Rare earth stir bars are easily identified by a chemically inert carbon black spot. Super Power Magnetrührstäbchen, 40x8mm