Erste Hilfe und Medizin

Fisherbrand™ Tupfer in Peel-Packs

Use these swabs for taking samples. Fisherbrand™ Swabs in Peel Packs have a round, compact and shred resistant head. X100 STERILE AMIES TRANSPORT SWABSsnapable plastic shaft & viscose tip sterilised

Thermo Scientific™ Ersatznadeln für GC Spritzen

Thermo Scientific Spritzenersatznadeln sind für Spritzen mit austauschbaren Nadeln erhältlich. Ersatznadel for 365d1611 5 Stück pro VE=5 Stück

Thermo Scientific™ National Target Vollkunststoff-Einwegspritzen

Verwenden Sie diese Kunststoff-Einwegspritzen zum Dispensieren kleiner Flüssigkeitsvolumina oder zur Druckfilterung durch unsere Spritzenvorsatzfilter. X100 LUER-LOCK PLASTIC Spritzen, 5ML


Protect tray contents with a sturdy polystyrene cover. Fisherbrand™ Lid for Blood Collection Tray is custom designed for a snug fit and provides access to the handle in its vertical position. DECKEL FUER ABTROPFKORB

Thermo Scientific™ Ersatzkanülen für ESI-Massenspektroskopiesonden

Thermo Scientific™ Ersatzkanülen für ESI-Massenspektroskopiesonden sind für Spritzen mit austauschbaren Kanülen erhältlich. SONDE ESI NDL POUR LCQ XSQ

Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap PTFE-beschichtete Nadeln

Die Thermo Scientific Reacti-Vap PTFE-beschichteten Nadeln unterstützen den Betrieb von Reacti-Vap Verdampfern. X3 REACTI-VAP TEFLON-C NADELN 4'4'

Thermo Scientific™ Ersatznadeln für LC Spritzen

Thermo Scientific LC Spritzenersatznadeln sind für Spritzen mit austauschbaren Nadeln erhältlich. Needles, Replacement for 365DLG21. 5/pk5X

Thermo Scientific™ Nadeln für Luer-Lock Vorspülspritzen

Thermo Scientific Nadeln für Luer-Lock Vorspülspritzen sind für Spritzen mit austauschbaren Nadeln erhältlich. Nadel, Luer-LOK Priming Spritze, 2 VE=2 Stück

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Transporttupfer mit Viskose-Spitze

X100 Transport swab Fisherbrand amies with charcoal sterile rayon tip, plastic shaft shelflife 30

Fisherbrand™ Blutentnahmetablett

Designed with phlebotomists in mind. Fisherbrand™ Blood Collection Tray was developed after extensive research in clinics and hospitals. This lightweight solution for organizing and transporting tubes and smaller items includes a sturdy plastic tray, 36-well tube rack and disposable inserts. SAMMELKORB EINSTECKROEHRCHEN 16MM16MM

Copan Diagnostics Nylon Flocked Dry Swabs in Peel Pouches

Permits complete, rapid elution by keeping the entire sample close to the surface. Copan Diagnostics Nylon Flocked Dry Swabs in Peel Pouches are anatomically designed swabs to optimize analyte collection efficiency with improved patient comfort. X100 flocked swab flexible nasopharyngeal minitipnylon paper peel individual wrap

Fisherbrand™ Capillary tubes

Accessory for TV100 standard cooled twin-plate mini-gel electrophoresis unit. X10 CAPILLARY TUBES

3M™ Plaster Roll


Fisherbrand™ Color-Coded Capillary Tubes

Excellent for use in microhematocrit determinations PACL 100 HEPARIN KAPILLARENKAPILLAREN

Thermo Scientific™ Reparatur-Kits für Thermo Scientific Kolben-in-Nadel-Spritzen

Die Thermo Scientific Reparatur-Kits für Thermo Scientific Kolben-in-Nadel-Spritzen verlängern die Lebensdauer und Leistung von Spritzen und senken deren Kosten pro Verwendung. Repair Kit for 365B0511

Fisherbrand™ Tupfer in Polypropylenröhrchen

Use these swabs for taking samples. Fisherbrand™ Swabs in Polypropylene Tubes have a round, compact and shred resistant head. X500 STERILE IN TUBE SWABS WOOD SHAFT& cotton tip ethylene oxide sterilised 150mm x

Kimberly Clark™ Ultra Waschlotion, 1000ml Nachfüllpackung m. integr. Pumpe, caramel, parfümiert VE=6

Ultra Waschlotion, 1000ml Nachfüllpackung m.integr. Pumpe, caramel, parfümiert VE=6

EMD Millipore Swab in Vial

Self-contained unit with Dacron™ swab suspended in phosphate buffer X25 Swab in vial with sterile phosphate buffer for surface sampling

Brand™ Hämatokrit-Dichtungsmasse

Quick-seals micro-haematocrit capillaries. BRAND™ Haematocrit Sealing Compoud is constructed of non-drying cement on a plastic plate. Up to 24 capillaries can be placed vertically in numbered positions along the sides of the tray. Haematokrit-Versiegelungskitt (VE=10Stck.)HAEMATOKRIT-VERSIEGELUNGSKITT




X60 HYPODERMIC SYRINGE PLASTIPAK CONCENTRIC LUERlok sterile / single use pack of 60 amber 50mL

Millipore™ Yeast and Mould Test Kit

X25 Yeast and Mold Swab Test Kit made of MY0010025 and MMSB10025

Millipore™ Microfil™ Syringe Spare Part Kit

1SET Kit of spare parts for Microfil syringe

EMD Millipore EcoStand™ Röhrchenhalter

Features a user-friendly design for both 15 and 50mL (0.51 and 1.69 oz.) tube formats ECOSTAND SCHLAUCHHALTER 50ML

Kimberly-Clark™ KIMCARE™ Pflegetücher

Offers great value and outstanding comfort. Kimberly-Clark™ KIMCARE™ Nursing Towels are interfolded for dispensing ease and controlled access.
X2400 Towel Kimcare nursing, 2-ply folded paper32 packs of 75 sheets 235mm x 440mm (case of 32)

Millipore™ Coli-Count Swab Test Kit

X25 Coli-Count Swab Test Kit made of MC0010025 and MMSB10025

Kimberly-Clark™ Handtücher aus Baumwolle

Dry your hands quickly and comfortably with these towels. Kimberly-Clark Professional™ SCOTT™ EXCELLENT Hand Towels are ideal for nurse's stations, food contact areas and busy washrooms in hospitals, public venues and office environments. BOX SCOTT EXCELLENT HAND TOWETOWEL

BD Discardit™ zweiteilige Spritze mit seitlichem Luer-Anschluss

Use for sterile applications. BD Biosciences™ Discardit™ Eccentric Luer-Slip Two-Piece Syringe are disposible after single use. X100 BD Discardit II Einmalspritzen 5ml VE=100 Stück