Anlagenwartung und Sicherheit

Thermo Scientific™ National elektronische Bördel- und Entbördelungszangen

Montieren oder entfernen Sie Aluminiumverschlüsse einfach per Knopfdruck. Elektronische Hand-Bördelzange Gen 3, 110-240V, für 13mm

Eppendorf™ Filzstift

Mark tubes and other laboratory items with this pen. Eppendorf™ Felt Tip Pens are ideal for writing on a variety of surfaces. Felt-tip Pen, black


Never discard chipped glassware again GLASSWARE-RESCUER

Cole Parmer™ Kabelbinder aus Polypropylen


Alfa Aesar™ Waterflame Microwelder Accessory, Atomizer

For use with Waterflame Microwelder Atomizer, for the microwelder

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Labor-Notizbücher mit Papierseiten

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Labor-Notizbücher enthalten Papierseiten mit Fadenheftung. X6 Notizbuch, PolyPaperwith Lines 21.6 x 27.9 cm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Torque Wrench Fittings for Polypropylene closure

Assure accurate torque readings when applying closures onto bottles with Nalgene Torque Wrench Fittings for Polypropylene Closures. Adapter zu Drehmomentschlüssel für PP-Verschluss83B

Fisherbrand™ National Manual Crimpers and Decrimpers for Cleanrooms

Achieve secure, repeatable crimps or remove seals with minimized risk of damage. SS cleanroom crimpermanual

Fisher Scientific™ Etikettenband für das Labor

Available in multiple colors KLEBEETIKETTE 9,5X3000MM ROTROT

Cole Parmer™ Nylon-Kabelbinder

Ties continue to hold tension even in oily spray or wet environments. Cole-Parmer™ Nylon Cable Ties feature a durable locking mechanism that holds securely even when used to bundle vibrating or flexing materials. SPANNBAND 20X5,4CM

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Torque Wrench Fittings for Teflon™ closures

Assure accurate torque readings when applying closures onto bottles with Nalgene Torque Wrench Fittings for Teflon Closures. Torque Wrench Fitting 48mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ PolyPaper-Etiketten

Thermo Scientific Nalgene PolyPaper-Etiketten sind wasser-, UV- und chemikalienbeständig. Polyolefin Etikett, 20x38mm, VE=3250 St.

Thermo Scientific™ Bördelwerkzeuge, Manuelle Öffnungsszangen, Verschließwerkzeuge und Verschließzangen

Achieve secure, repeatable crimps or remove seals with minimized risk of damage. MANUAL CRIMPER FüR 11MM Dichtungen

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ PolyPaper™-Kunststoffpapier

Thermo Scientific Nalgene PolyPaper-Kunststoffpapiere sind beständig gegenüber Salzwasser, Schlamm und Chemikalien. X300 Laser-PolyPaper

Alfa Aesar™ Waterflame Microwelder Accessory, Atomizer Washer Set

For use with Waterflame Microwelder Atomizer washer set (flat)

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Druck-/Vakuummessgeräte

Measure in millimeters of mercury, pounds per square inch, bars, meters of water and atmospheres TRACEABLE® PRESSURE/VACUUMGUAGE

Vacuum Regulator with Dial Gauge Vacuum Regulator with Dial Gauge

Designed for use with Fisherbrand Chemical Duty Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps. Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Regulators feature regulator valve for intake that allows the adjustment of the ultimate pressure. Vacuum regualtor, dial gauge model DBR-B,1000-1 mbr, with DN8 hose nozzle for 8mm ID vacuum hose.



Thermo Scientific™ Zusätzliche Basis für programmierbare elektronische Hochleistungs-Bördelstationen

Freie Hand für schnelleres Verbördeln mit einer verstellbaren Grundplatte. Variable Accessory Base for Electronic Crimpers

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Labormarker, schwarze Tinte

Mark on glass, plastic and metal with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Black Ink Lab Markers, recommended for use with Nalgene™ Polyolefin paper, notebooks and labels. LAB MARKER FEIN SCHWARZabwaschbar

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Torque Wrenches

Assure accurate torque readings when applying closures with Nalgene Torque Wrench Fittings. Drehmomentschlüssel 0 - 300 cm-kg für 70 mm - 83BVerschlüsse

Fisher Scientific™ Technische Stifte

Ideal for recording results in lab notebooks, fill in charts, draw graphs, mark recording paper and produce diagrams. SCIENTIFIC TECHNICAL PENS

Texwipe™ Reinraummatten


Cole Parmer™ Feine Faserschreiber

Write on a variety of surfaces with these versatile lab markers. Cole-Parmer™ Lab Markers permanently mark plastic; wash off glass, metal, or porcelain. Markers won’t bleed or smudge when subjected to water or alcohol. LAB MARKER ROT

Fisherbrand™ Oberflächenschutzpapier, Klasse 606

Used as absorbent paper for bench protection. Fisherbrand™ Grade 606 Surface Protection Paper is white ultra-absorbent paper with one-side PE coating. PAPER PROTECTN 606 RL 600X50M

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Druck-/Vakuummessgeräte

Portable units measure and display differential pressure/vacuum in 11 different units (psi, mbar etc) MANOMETER/DRUCK/VAKUUM +/-1034MBAR+/-1034MBAR

RL Enterprises™ Matte

Mat non slip dychem polymeric compound 170 x 160mm

Fisherbrand™ Siebbürste

Sieve brush, double ended, nylon bristle, 20x230mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Lab Notebooks with PolyPaper™ Pages

Permanently secure valuable notes and data in these hardcover case-bound paginated books featuring 100 (50 sheets) uncoated Thermo Scientific™ PolyPaper™. NOTEBOOK SCHWARZ POLYPAPERPOLYPAPER