Sicherheit, Handschuhe, Brillen und Reinigung

Kimberly-Clark™ Beidhändig tragbare Nitril-Einweg-Handschuhe

Ideal for higher risk applications. Kimberly Clark™ KIMTECH Science™ PURPLE NITRILE™ Gloves are stronger than latex with better protection against a wide range of chemicals including cytotoxic drugs. X100 Untersuchungshandschuhe, Größe XS, KimtechScience Purple, Länge 240mm

Kimberly-Clark™ Beidhändig tragbare Xtra Nitril-Einweg-Handschuhe

Use these PPE Category III gloves for higher risk applications. Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH Science™ NITRILE™ Powderfree Xtra Exam Gloves are ideal for use in higher-risk applications within life sciences, biomedical research, forensic science and non-sterile drug manufacturing. X50 Handschuhe Nitril Purple xtra Gr.9=Gr.XLLänge 30 cm

Kimberly-Clark™ Cellulose-Präzisionswischtücher

Ideal for light duty cleaning. Kimberly Clark™ Cellulose Precision Wipers are for ISO Class 4 or higher laboratory environments. X196 WIPE KIMTECH 7551 1 PLY 100% VIRGIN PAPER196 sheets per box 304mm x 304mm (1 pack of 196

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Lila Nitril- und Lila Nitril-XTRA™ Untersuchungshandschuhe

Contains no natural rubber latex proteins. Kimberly Clark™ Purple Nitrile-XTRA™ Exam Gloves are ambidextrous, with textured fingertips for better grip. X50 HANDSCHUH NITRIL PURPLE XTRA Gr.6,5=Gr.SLänge 30 cm

Bunzl Healthcare™ Terumo™ Spritze mit exzentrischem Luer-Ansatz

Manufactured with polypropylene for superior thermal and chemical resistance. Bunzl™ Terumo™ Eccentric Luer-Slip Syringes have a unique bevel design to facilitate the penetration of the skin and minimize trauma. SPRITZE 3-T 10ML SEITLICHEXZENTRISCH

Brady™ LABXPERT™ und IDXPERT™ Nylon-Druckeretiketten: Rechteckig

Use these labels for a variety of general labeling needs. Brady™ LABXPERT™ and IDXPERT™ Nylon Cloth Printer Labels are ideal for LABXPERT™ and IDXPERT™ printers. X-117-499 Etiketten, 25,4x12,7mm (VE=300Stck.)11M

Terumo™ Kunststoffspritze

Use for medical applications. Terumo™ Plastic Syringe is disposable and comes with luer slip. X100 SPRITZE TUBERKULIN 1ML

Poulten Graf™ Einmalspritze, zweiteilig, mit Luer-Ansatz

Einmalspritzen, 2-teilig, Luer, CE, ohne Kanüle,50 ml (VE=30Stck.)

3M™ Monitore für organische Dämpfe

Lightweight, self-contained monitors record time-weighted average (TWA) vapor concentrations in factories and industrial, histology, cytology, and clinical labs X10 Organic Vapor Monitors

Terumo™ Dreiteilige Spritze mit seitlicher Luer-Spitze

Use these syringes for the aspiration of fluids or sampling blood or other body fluids. Terumo™ Eccentric Luer-Tip Three-Part Syringe feature a unique double beveled design for greater patient comfort. SPRITZE STE 3-T 10ML LUERLOCLUERLOCK

Fisherbrand™ Blatt mit Kryo-Beschriftungsetiketten

Designed to adhere without breaking in cryogenic freezer conditions. Fisherbrand™ Cryogenic Polyolefin Labels can withstand extreme temperatures, boiling, autoclaving, caustic agents and centrifuging without peeling, cracking or degrading. Available in rolls or printer sheets in two sizes. X1200 LABEL CRYOGENIC SHEETPOLYOLEFIN TEMP RANGE-196 to 150C, pack of 1200 White 38mm x 19mm

Sharpsafe™ Sharpsafe™ Abfallbehälter aus Polypropylen

Use Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Hazardous Waste Container to dispose of dangerous items. The large waste container holds 60L. WASTE BARREL 60 L60L

Fisherbrand™ 3-Handschuhkastenhalter, Acryl


BD Vacutainer™ K2-EDTA-Röhrchen

X100 TUBE K2 EDTA 13*75MM

3M™ Notfallbox-Spender für verschüttete Flüssigkeiten

Ideal for rapid response to chemical spill containment and cleanup. 3M™ Chemical Spill Kit Dispenser contains 4 kits that include 2 Multi-Format sheets, Nitrile gloves, dustpan and brush, disposable bag and tie. Dispensers can be wall or shelf mounted for immediate access in areas where spills are likely to occur. SPILL RESPONSE KIT DISPENSER HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL1.5L absorbency per kit. Do not use with

3M™ Aura™ Serie 1883 Atemschutzmaske

Can lower exposures to concentration considered safe for most non-biological particles. The 3M Aura Healthcare Particulate Respirator includes a shrouded exhalation valve. SCHUTZMASKE FFP3

Zweiteilige Tuberkulin-Einweg-Spritze mit Luer-Slip

Safe application of medication is ensured by the high quality of these needles. Henke Sass Wolf Hsw™ Disposable Luer-Slip Two-Part Tuberculin Syringes are designed for optimized user handling to ensure patient safety. HSW-EINMAL-SPRITZEN 1 ML TUBERKULITUBERKULI

Thermo Scientific™ National Target Vollkunststoff-Einwegspritzen

Verwenden Sie diese Kunststoff-Einwegspritzen zum Dispensieren kleiner Flüssigkeitsvolumina oder zur Druckfilterung durch unsere Spritzenvorsatzfilter. X100 LUER-SLIP PLASTIC Spritzen,

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Labor-Notizbücher mit unbeschichteten PolyoPaper-Seiten

Thermo Scientific Nalgene™ Labor-Notizbücher mit unbeschichteten PolyPaper-Seiten sind ausgezeichnet geeignet für die Dokumentation wertvoller Laborforschung. Notizbuch, HDPE / Papier

3M™ Überbrille aus Polycarbonat

A reliable, economical choice in vision safety. 3M™ Tour-Guard™ III Protective Over-the-Glass Eyewear features durable, sturdy construction to help protect sight with confidence and clarity. BRILLE OX2000

Honeywell™ A800 Augen- und Gesichtsschutzbrille mit Hartbeschichtung, transparent

Providing protection that's easy on the eyes and the pocket. Sperian™ Honeywell™ A800 Series Clear Hard Coat Safety Glasses are durable and scratch-resistant.
X10 A800, klar kratzfest (HC)

Fisherbrand™ Puder-freie, nicht sterile, extraschützende Nitril-Einweg-Untersuchungshandschuhe

Resists a wide range of chemicals and resistant to puncture. Fisherbrand™ Disposable Powder-free Non-sterile Extra Protection Nitrile Examination Gloves are latex free. X50 FB Extra Protection Nitril Schutzhandschuhe L

Kimberly-Clark™ Sterling™ Handschuhe aus Nitril, beidseitig tragbar

Schutz gegen zahlreiche Chemikalien. KIMTECH SCIENCE™ STERLING™ Nitrilhandschuhe. Hervorragende taktile Empfindlichkeit. Nitrilhandschuhe STERLING Gr.9,5puderfrei, 250mm, grau, Gr. XL, VE=140 St.

Brady™ BMP™51/BMP™53 Kartuschen für Beschriftungsgerät: Freezerbondz II Polyester

Ideal identification solutions for biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic research industry X180 Etiketten M-156-492

BD Hypodermische dreiteilige Plastipak™ Spritze mit mittigem Luer-Lock

Plastic graduated syringe.  BD Medical™ Plastipak™ Centric Luer-lock Hypodermic Three-Piece Syringe for injection of fluid. X125 Plastipack Luer Lock 5ml, VE=125 Stück

3M™ Atemschutzmaske, Serie 8300

Provide comfortable, effective respiratory protection against dust particles and/or non-volatile liquid particles. The 3M 8300 Series Particulate Respirator gives effective filtration with low breathing resistance for consistent high-quality performance. X10 RESPIRATOR FFP1 8300

Multiroir™ Polypropylen-Lagerbehälter

Store items in the Multiroir™ Polypropylene Storage Bin with Handles. The PP plastic and reliable handles provide a sturdy box in which to store many types of equipment, lab coats, instruments, and other medical and industrial supplies. AUFBEWAHRUNGSBOX PP 45L

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Waste Disposal Can with Lift-up Cover

Bright, red safety disposal container suitable for biological/biohazard materials, broken glass, recyclables or other waste Biohazard Disposal Can with Lift-up cover

Brady™ LABXPERT™ Etiketten aus Nylongewebe

LABXPERT™ Nylon Cloth Labels are nylon cloth (B-499) wrap-around labels that are highly pliable to conform to tightly curved surfaces such as wire and cable. X-130-499 Etiketten, 20,96x9,525mm (VE=275Stck.)

BD Difco™Discardit™ zweiteilige Spritze mit mittigem Luer-Anschluss

Two piece syringes without needles. BD Difco™Discardit™ Concentric Luer-slip Two-Piece Syringe is disposable and sterile. X100 BD Discardit II Einmalspritzen 2ml