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Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ B20 und B20-ER Mehrzweck-Messgeräte

Mit den Messgeräten zur Dosisleistungsmessung lassen sich gemischte Oberflächenbelastungen durch Gammastrahlung, Röntgenstrahlung, Alphastrahlung und Betastrahlung schnell bestimmen.

Marke:  Thermo Scientific™ 425068510

Additional Details : Gewicht : 5.00000kg

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RadEye B20 and B20-ER Multi-Purpose Survey Meters offer consistent, reliable results in any application requiring radiological surveys of flat surfaces. Model B20 is for normal measurements. Model B20-ER is for high-range measurements.

  • Lightweight (300g), excellent grip with and without gloves.
  • Rugged and compact design, thick rubber protective cover.
  • Low cost of ownership with > 500 hour operation time with 2 AAA batteries – rechargeable NiMH-cells can be used.
  • Menu-driven user interface results in low training cost and immediate familiarity.
  • Huge internal data memory for both scaler results and continuous data recording.
  • Bright backlit LCD display. Plain text messages and different languages can be selected.
  • Easy adaptation to different tasks by supervisor configuration, calibration, selection of measuring units.
  •  Versatile operation modes:
Scaler/Timer with preset count and preset time for sample measurements.
Continuous ratemeter mode for frisker operation.
Dose rate mode.
  • Audible indication: single pulse or chirper mode proportional to count rate.
  • Earphone output for operation in loud environment.
  • IR PC Interface or Bluetooth™ as option.
  • Advanced Windows™ software is available as option.


5.2 x 2.8 x 5.2 in. (13 x 7 x 13cm)
Survey Meter
RadEye B20-ER Multi-Purpose Survey Meter
2p Efficiency (ref. to 50mm diameter without rubber sleeve): Am-241; Co-60: 25%; Sr/Y-90: 36%; C-14: 19%
Contamination B-20: 0 - 10kcps; B20ER: 0 - 500kcps
More than 500 hours on two AAA batteries
LED, sound, vibrator
100mSv/h (10rem/h)
13 cm
Civil defense, fire brigades, hospitals, nuclear industry, and pharmaceutical industry
Pancake GM-tube, window dia. 44 mm (1.7 in.) 1.8 to 2.0mg/cm2
17 keV - 3 MeV; according to IEC 60846-1)
LED, sound, vibrator
2 AAA batteries
Gamma Dose Rate: 0 to 100mSv/h (0 to 10 rem/h); Contamination: 0 to 500kcps
Gamma dose rate: 0-100mSv/h (0-10rem/h); Contamination measuring range: 0-500kcps
cps, cpm. Bq, dpm, dps, Sv/h, rem/h