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ChromaCare™ LC-MS Instrument Flush Solution, Thermo Scientific™

ChromaCare™ LC-MS Instrument Flush Solution is designed to prepare LC/MS instruments for start-up. By reducing background noise, this solution facilitates instrument installation and preventative maintenance routines.

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Borosilicate glass bottle 1L 127.67 CHF
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  • Designed by Thermo Scientific to maximize cleaning while preserving instrument integrity in Vanquish™ and UltiMate™ UHPLC systems with QQQ MS
  • Comprised of a unique blend of polar protic and aprotic solvents for removing a wide variety of contaminants
  • Particularly suitable for new LC/MS and UHPLC/MS installations to rapidly stabilize baseline
  • A blend of 25% acetonitrile, 25% methanol, 25%, water, and 25% 2-propanol (IPA)
  • Offered in 1L borosilicate bottles and 2.5L amber glass bottles