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Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Smart™ Probenehmerzubehör

Schöpfen Sie die Möglichkeiten des Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Spektrophotometers mithilfe einer großen Auswahl an Zubehörelementen für Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Smart™ Probenehmer optimal aus.

Marke:  Thermo Scientific™ 699-129700

Additional Details : Gewicht : 4.90000kg

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  • Fully integrated operation with Thermo Scientific™ INSIGHT™ and  Thermo Scientific™ VISION™ software methods.  Samples can be sipped followed by automatic measurement and return of the sample or pumping to waste.
  • Automatic recognition by software, smart alignment and serial number reporting
  • Able to handle sample volumes from 200μL to 9.999mL and a fully customizable sip volume and air gap
  • Software assisted calibration routine to simplify the process of changing tubing and methods
  • Sippers support 10mm pathlength cells and shorter pathlength cells with use of an appropriate spacer.  Longer pathlength cells are not supported.  
  • Specialized tubing packs available for 
    • mild chemical use (silicone tubing)
    • acid resistant (c-flex)
    • bio-compatible (Chemdurance Bio)
    • chemical resistant (Viton) 
  • Replacement flow-cell connector packs for both Starna and Hellma cells available

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When deploying the Smart Sipper Accessory in a regulated or quality control environment, take advantage of our unique full-system qualification to assure compliance of the instrument and accessory as a complete unit.




Chemical-Resistant Pump Tubing Kit
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