Ultraschallgeräte, Homogenisatoren und Mixgeräte

Model 120 Sonic Dismembrator

Zur Verarbeitung von 0.2 bis 50 ml ULTRASCHALL-HOMOGENISATOR 120W MIT SONOTRODE

Fisherbrand™ Q500 Sonicator with Probe

Use this high powered sonicator for various applications and sample volumes. Fisherbrand™ Sonicators with Probe are ideal for cell disruption, nanoparticle dispersion, homogenisation and sample preparation. ULTRASCHALL-HOMOGENISATOR 500W MIT SONOTRODE

Branson Ultrasonics™ Sonifier™ SFX150 Desintegrator

Branson Ultrasonics Sonifier™ SFX150 Cell Disruptor with advanced controls gives more precise control over all critical elements of experiment. Ultraschall Desintegrator, Sonifier SFX 150, 240V, CE, 3.2mm Spitze

DWK Life Sciences Kontes™ Dounce Gewebeschleifer

Designed for cellular work in which the nucleus remains intact after homogenization TISSUE GRINDER 2ML

Branson Ultrasonics™ Sonifier™ SFX250/SFX550 Cell Disruptors

Advanced controls gives more precise control over all critical elements of experiment Ultraschall Desintegrator, Sonifier SFX 250, 240V, CE, 13mm Sonotrode

KINEMATICA Polytron™ PT1200E Handheld Homogenizer

Hand-Dispergiergeräte POLYTRON PT 1200 E


Robust and reliable 130 watt ultrasonic processor with thumb-actuated pulser for small volume applications. ULTRASCHALL-DESINTEGRATOR VCX130PB

1.5 and 2.0ml Pre-Sterilized Individually Wrapped Blue Pestle VE=400 St.

Passend für 1.5 und 2.0 ml-Zentrifugenröhrchen X100 1.5/2ML PST BLUE PESTLE


Providing programmable operation and a digital display of operating parameters. Fisherbrand™ Q500 Sonicator without Probe is excellent for nanoparticle dispersion, creating emulsions, cell lysis and homogenization applications.

IKA™ ULTRA-TURRAX™ T 25 digitaler Dispergierer

Dispersion unit 65mmx240mm x80mm T25 IKA UK-Plug

Fisherbrand™ Sonden für Model 505 und 705 Sonic Dismembratoren

Probes for varying volumes SONOTRODE 25,4 MM MIT TITANTELLER

Fisherbrand™ Ständer für Model 505 und 705 Sonic Dismembratoren

Ständer für Modell 505 und 705 Ultraschallhomogenisatoren. STATIV 12,7X610 MM, MIT HALTEKLAMMER

Fisherbrand™ Ständer für Model 50 und 120 Sonic Dismembratoren

Ständer für Sonic Dismembratoren der Modelle 50 und 120 STATIV, DM. 13 MM, MIT HALTEKLAMMER

Fisherbrand™ Pellet Pestle™ Probenrührer, batteriebetrieben

Erzeugt vollständigere Disaggregation als manuelles Mischen. Der Kimble Chase™ Pellet Pestle™ Kabelfreie Motor kann mit Pellet Pestle™ Mischern für den Einmal- oder Mehrfachgebrauch verwendet werden. MOTOR, BATTERIEBETRIEBEN

Model 50 Sonic Dismembrator

Kostengünstiger Homogenisator für kleinvolumige Zellaufschlüsse ULTRASCHALL-HOMOGENISATOR 50W MIT SONOTRODE

Cole-Parmer™ Propellers for ServoDyne™ Electronic Mixers

Three-bladed propeller for general purpose mixing TURBINENPROPELLER EDELSTAHL 51X8MM51X8MM

KINEMATICA Polytron™ PT1200E Handheld Homogenizer

Homogeniser Polytron PT1200E hand held with power

IKA™ DT-20 Rohre mit Rotorstator-Element

Bestehend aus Röhrchen, Dosiervorrichtung und Abdeckung. IKA™ DT-20-Röhrchen mit Rotor/Stator-Element eignen sich zum Dispergieren, Homogenisieren und Suspendieren mit Volumen von 5 bis 15 ml. DT-20 Mischgefäß 20ml, mit gschl. Deckel(VE=25Stck.) mit Dispergiereinheit

Fisherbrand™ Q700 Sonicator with Probe

Use this high powered sonicator for any application and sample volume. Fisherbrand™ Sonicators are ideal for cell disruption, nanoparticle dispersion, DNA shearing/ChIP and homogenization. ULTRASCHALL-HOMOGENISATOR 700W MIT SONOTRODE


For use with 15mL micro centrifuge tubes PELLET-KOLBEN PTFE/EDELST. 15 MLML

DWK Life Sciences BioMasher II™ Mikro-Gewebehomogenisator, geschlossenes System

Ensure efficient grinding of samples by minimizing potential exposure to hazardous materials X50 BioMasher II, 1.5 ml micro tissue grinder

Fisherbrand™ Schallschutzgehäuse für Sonic Dismembratoren der Modelle 50 und 120

Schallschutzgehäuse für Ultraschallhomogenisatoren der Modelle 50 und 120 SCHALLSCHUTZKABINE MIT HALTEKLAMMER, 254X254X508MM

Bibby Scientific™ Homogeniser Stuart SHM1 handheld UK-Plug

Homogeniser Stuart SHM1 handheld UK-Plug

Bel-Art™ 199230001 Bel-Art Pestle, PP 100/pack., 10 pack/case, 3 1/2'

For re-suspending bacterial cells, precipitates of nucleic acids or proteins and pellets of other materials. 199230001 Bel-Art Pestle, PP 100/pack., 10 3 1/2'

MP Biomedicals™ CoolBigPrep™ 2 X 50mL Adapter

Ideally suited for extractions of temperature unstable biological compounds such as RNA, siRNA, metabolites, intermediates and enzymes CoolBigPrep Adapter2c50ml

IKA™ ULTRA-TURRAX™ T 50 digitaler Dispergierer

Offers a wide speed range from 500 to 10000RPM that enables users to work at high circumferential speeds even with small rotor diameters. IKA™ T 50 Digital ULTRA-TURRAX™ Disperser is a powerful dispersing instrument for volumes from 0.25 to 30L (H2O) with digital speed display. T 50 DIGITAL ULTRA-TURRAX®

Mikrospitzen für 200 und 400 Watt Ultraschallgeräte

Designed to process samples contained in small diameter vessels at extremely high intensity Tapered 1/4' (6,4 mm) micro-tip for 1/2' (13 mm)tapped horn

Polytron™ PT 1300 D Manual Disperser

Choose the KINEMATICA Polytron PT 1300 D for your lab. This versatile hand-held homogenizer combines quality, convenience and high performance for rapid, reproducible sample processing and consistent sample-to-sample uniformity. Hand-Dispergiergeräte POLYTRON PT 1300 DPT 1300 D 230V

VELP Scientifica™ OV5 DISPERGIERGERäT 230V/50HZ .

Homogenizes, mixes, grinds, and disperses biological tissue samples, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food products. VELP Scientifica™ is versatile and can be combined with a wide selection of stator and rotor configurations according to the user's specific needs. OV5 DISPERGIERGERÄT 230V/50HZ