Klebebänder und Etiketten

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polyolefin-Sicherheitsbeschriftungssystem

Der Thermo Scientific Nalgene PolyPaper-Sicherheitsetikettensatz ist ideal zum Erstellen von Etiketten, die Chemikalien und deren Eigenschaften kennzeichnen. Set z. Erstellen von Sicherheitsetiketten gem.

Fisherbrand™ Micryo Dots and Strips for Cryo Storage - Laser Printer Sheets

Unique adhesive withstands extreme temperature Fisherbrand- Micryo Dots and Strips for CryoStorage - Laser Printer Sheets

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ PolyPaper-Etiketten

Thermo Scientific Nalgene PolyPaper-Etiketten sind wasser-, UV- und chemikalienbeständig. Polyolefin Etikett, 20x38mm, VE=3250 St.

Thermo Scientific™ VisionTracker™ Software zur Verwaltung von Proben

Organisieren und verfolgen Sie Proben mit der Thermo Scientific™ VisionTracker™ Software zur Verwaltung von Proben. LOGICIEL VISIONTRACKER

Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ ST Single-Tube 2D Barcode Reader

Scan single 2D barcodes instantly into your tracking software or other application with this barcode reader, which connects via USB port. VISIONMATE ST

Fisher Scientific™ Etikettenband für das Labor

Available in multiple colors KLEBEETIKETTE 9,5X3000 MM BLAUBLAU

Fisherbrand™ Polyolefin Cryogenic Label Sheets

Withstands cryogenic freezer storage conditions, as well as autoclaving, boiling water baths and centrifugation. Fisherbrand™ Polyolefin Cryogenic Label Sheets are pre-cut, peel off labels designed for use at cryogenic temperatures. X1040 LABEL CRYOGENIC SHEET POLYOLEFIN TEMP RANGE-196 to 150C, pack of 1040 White 43mm x 19mm

Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ SR 2D-Barcode-Reader für einzelne Gestelle

Decode a full rack of barcoded storage tubes in less than ten seconds with the compact, user-friendly Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ SR Single Rack 2D Barcode Reader. VisionMate SRFLATBED

Brady™ ToughStripe™ Floor Marking Center Marks


Brady™ ToughStripe™ Bodenmarkierungsband

Long-lasting (3.5m/100 ft. in length), heavy-duty solution for marking floors, aisles, work cells and other designated areas YELLOW FLOOR TAPE 76,2 X 30

Brady™ TLS2200™ und TLS-PC™ Gefäß, Etiketten für Zentrifugen- oder Eppendorf Tubes™

Labels for the TLS2200 and TLS PC Link Thermal Transfer Portable Printers. PTL-16-499 Etiketten 9,53 x 25,4mm (BxH)Nylongewebe, weiß, matt, VE=500 St.

Brady™ and TLS-PC Link™Portable Thermal Transfer Printer Labels for Conical Containers/Bottles/Petri Dishes

For conical containers/bottles/Petri dishes PTL-78-499 Etiketten 48,26 x 25,4mm (BxH)Nylongewebe, weiß, matt, VE=250St.

Brady™ ToughStripe™ Labels with Overlaminate

Create custom-printed floor labels quickly and easily GMK B-483 OR 2,86 & B-634OLAM

Brady™ Thermoetiketten für Fläschchen, Zentrifugen- oder Eppendorf™-Röhrchen

Printable nylon cloth and polyester labels for for thermal transfer printers. X3000 ETIQUETTE PROTEGE56X13+19MM

Brady™ Thermal Transfer Conical Vial Labels


Brady™ FREEZERBONDZ™ Polyester-Etiketten für Thermotransferdrucker

Can be used on curved surfaces. Brady™ FREEZERBONDZ™ Polyester Thermal Transfer Printer Labels are for use with the TLS and STGT printers. X3000 THT-182-492-3 Etiketten Freezerbondz

Brady™ PTL-20-423 Etiketten 50,8 x 25,4mm (BxH) Polyester, weiß, glänzend, VE=100 St.

For use with TLS2200 and TLS PC Link thermal transfer printers PTL-20-423 Etiketten 50,8 x 25,4mm (BxH)Polyester, weiß, glänzend, VE=100 St.

Brady™ ToughStripe™ Polyester Floor Dot

Simply apply these rugged dots once and be done X300 WHITE FLOOR DOTS 99MM DIA



Brady™ Freezerbondz Polyesteretiketten

Printable labels for thermal transfer printers ETIK. 55,9X38,1MM FREEZERBFREEZERB

Brady™ ToughStripe™ Overlaminate Floor Tape

Rugged polyester tape for use on floors OVERLAM B-634 2,86 X 304,8

Brady™ FreezerBondz II Runde Etiketten

Freezer-safe labels for Brady printers, including the IDXPERT and LABXPERT BOX OF X300 LABEL FREEZERBONDZ X-120-492 B-4922 12,53 X 25,4 MM + 9,53 MM

Brady™ Thermoetiketten für Fläschchen

For 1–8mL vials THT-131-427-3 Etiketten, 25.48 x 66.68mm, VE=3000St.

Brady™ TLS2200™ and TLS-PC™ General Purpose Labels

PTL-15-423 Etiketten 25,4 x 6,35mm (BxH)Polyester, weiß, glänzend, VE=750 St.

Brady™ Arrow Strips