EVOS™ Light Cubes

Light engine outputs remarkable intensity over a short light path that delivers superior fluorophore excitation LED LIGHT CUBE YFP

Fisher Scientific™ Forschungsverbundmikroskop der Serie AX-500

Choice of three optical objectives and three optical heads. Fisher Scientific™ AX-500 Series Compound Research Microscope with ‘cool light’ LED illumination are designed or university and research laboratory use. BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE AX-502A SUPER CONTRAST

Image-iT™ Hypoxia Reagent

Molecular Probes™ Image-iT™ Hypoxia Reagent is a novel fluorogenic compound for measuring hypoxia in live cells. 1MG IMAGE-IT HYPOXIA PROBE

Molecular Probes™ Low Density Lipoprotein from Human Plasma (LDL)

Unlabeled LDL used to study normal cholesterol delivery and internalization Low-density lipoprotein from human plasma (LDL) 2.5 mg/ml , 200 µl

Gibco™ Neurobasal™ Medium

Used in the growth of neuronal cells from hippocampus, cortex and otregions of the brain. Gibco™ Neurobasal™ Medium is a basal medium that meets the special cell culture requirements of pre-natal and embryonic neuronal cells when used with Gibco™ B-27™ Supplement. NEUROBASAL MED SFM

Gibco™ PFHM-II Protein-Free Hybridoma Medium

Serum-free, protein-free medium specifically developed for the ability to support the growth of hybridomas for antibody production PFHM II

Gibco™ Phytohemagglutinin, M form (PHA-M)

This extract is capable of inducing blastogenesis in vitro in various mammalian mononuclear cells when used at a concentration of 1 to 2% v/v PHYTOHEMAGGLUTININ M

Gibco™ Penicillin-Streptomycin (10,000 U/mL)

For prevention of bacterial contamination of cell cultures due to their effective combined action against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria PENICILLIN STREPTOMYCIN SOL

Corning™ Schalen für sehr niedrige Zelladhäsion

Unique covalently bonded hydrogel surface is hydrophilic and neutrally charged Zellkulturschale, 100 mm Ø, Ultra LowAttachment Oberfläche, steril (VE=20Stck.)

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ zellkulturbehandelte Kolben mit Vent/Close-Verschlusskappen

Erzielen Sie eine optimale Adhäsion einer Vielzahl von Zelltypen. X50 Zellkulturflaschen Nunclon gerader Hals Ventilier-/Verschluss-Kappen, steril

Thermo Scientific™ Nunclon™ Sphera™ Multischale

Features a superior cell culture surface with demonstrated performance that elevates stem cell and cell culture research. X7 MULTIDISH 6 NUNCLON SPHERA CULTURE AREA 9.6 CM2

EVOS™ Stage Plate Adapter

EVOS™ Stage Plate Adapter STAGE TOP ADAPTER, AMEP-4692

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ unbehandelte Multischalen

Unbehandelte Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Multischalen sind für Suspensions-Zellkulturen vorgesehen. 12 Well Multischalen, unbehandelt, Deckel, steril, VE=75 Stück

Molecular Probes™ Transferrin From Human Serum, Biotin-XX Conjugate

Labeled LDL complexes useful in studying the delivery of up to two Fe3+ atoms via receptor-mediated endocytosis TRANSFERRIN FROM HUMAN SEThe biotin-XX conjugate of transferrin from human

Fisherbrand™ Gittereinsätze aus Karton

Combine these inserts with Cryoboxes for flexible cell storage and sample handling. Fisherbrand™ Cardboard Cryobox Inserts feature ultra-low temperature resistant cardboard with water repellent finish for sample storage. Rastereinsatz für Cryobox, 136x136x30mm, für 9x9Röhrchen D=12mm, VE=10 Stück

Fisherbrand™ Kryoboxen aus Karton, 133 mm

Combine these boxes with different grid inserts to hold a wide range of tube sizes. Fisherbrand™ Cardboard Cryoboxes are temperature resistant down to -80°C, ideal for ultra-low temperature storage. CRYOBOX BLAU 133X133X75MMMM

Molecular Probes™ Low Density Lipoprotein from Human Plasma, Acetylated, Alexa Fluor™ 594 Conjugate (Alexa Fluor; 594 AcLDL)

Acetylated (Ac) apoprotein used to study cell types that express receptors specific for this acetylated version, i.e., endothelial and microglial cells LOW-DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN F 200 UL

Amphotericin B (Yellow Powder), Fisher BioReagents

250MG Amphotericin B (Yellow Powder)

Gibco™ Human Epidermal Keratinocytes, adult (HEKa)

Human Epidermal Keratinocytes, adult (HEKa) Epidermal Keratinocytes, adult, Human, primary,500K

Olympus 1.25X Objective, apochromat, LWD

Olympus 1.25X Objective, apochromat, LWD PLAN APO 1.25X, NA 0.04

Corning™ Primaria™ Schalen für Gewebekulturen

Modified polystyrene surface for enhanced cell culture. Corning™ Primaria™ Tissue Culture Dishes feature flat, optically clear polystyrene surfaces for distortion-free microscopic visualization of cells. PRIMARIA-Zellkulturschale 100 mm, Optilux(VE=200Stck.)

Gibco™ GIBCO™ Sterile Puromycin Dihydrochloride

Aminonucleoside antibiotic produced by Streptomyces alboniger Puromycin dihydrochloride, Selection Antibiotic,20 ml

Gibco™ Low Serum Growth Supplement (LSGS)

Low Serum Growth Supplement (LSGS) Low Serum Growth Supplement, 10ml, 50X humandermal fibroblasts + endothel cells

PIPES, JustPURE™, white powder, Fisher BioReagents

50GR PIPES, 99% (titration), JustPURE for Cellular and Molecular Biology (white powder)

Bicine, Fisher BioReagents

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Bicine CAS.: 150-25-4 Physikalische Form: Powder/Solid Summenformel: C6H13NO4 Strukturformel: (HOCH2CH2)2NCH2COOH Molare Masse: 163.2 Synonym: N, N-bis [2-hydroxyethyl]glycine 250GR Bicine (White Powder)

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylen-Kryoboxen

Use these polypropylene boxes with grid inserts for storage of up to 100 tubes. Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Cryoboxes are ideal for sample storage and transportation. Kryobox aus PP, natur, mit Stülpdeckel(VE=5Stck.)

Gibco™ DMEM, High Glucose, No Glutamine

Used as basal medium for supporting the growth of many different mammalian cells. Gibco™ DMEM, High Glucose, No Glutamine is used in cell culture processing applications. DMEM

Molecular Probes™ Low Density Lipoprotein from Human Plasma, Acetylated (AcLDL)

Acetylated (Ac) apoprotein used to study cell types that express receptors specific for this acetylated version, i.e., endothelial and microglial cells Low-density lipoprotein from human plasma,acetylated (AcLDL) 2.5 mg/ml , 200 µl

StemPro™ CD34+ Cell Kit

StemPro™ CD34+ Cell Kit Stem Pro CD34 cell kit

Fisherbrand™ Cardboard Grid Inserts with Lid

X10 Cryobox grid insert 5 x 5 cardboard for use