Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ CO2 Incubator Accessories

Precisely control the CO2 and temperature with Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Series CO2 Incubators.  Forma™ CO2 Incubator Accessories are important components for optimal operation. Einlegeboden-Kit, Kupfer (bestehend ausFührungsschienen und einem Einlegeboden)

Thermo Scientific™ Compact Dry Bath Accessories

Increase your application capabilities with a variety of accessories for the Compact Dry Baths/Block Heaters. Block komp. Blocktherm. 6 x 15ml

ThermoMixer™ C

Improve your assay results by dry incubation and mixing of your samples simultaneously with this mixer. The Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ C is ideal for heating, cooling and mixing almost any of your lab vessels. Eppendorf ThermoMixerC, Grundgerät ohne

Corning™ Stainless Steel Digital Dry Bath Heater

LSE Digital Dry Bath Heater, Dual Block230V, UK Plug

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ CO2-Inkubatoren mit Wassermantel der Serie II 3110

Regeln und überwachen Sie CO2-Konzentration und Temperatur präzise mit Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Serie II 3110 CO2 Inkubatoren mit Wassermantel. Wassermantel-UWJ CO2/O2 Inkubatoren Modell 3131,230 V 341 BTUH (100 W/h)

Thermo Scientific™ Data Output Accessories for Environmental Chambers and Incubators

Integrate Thermo Scientific™ Data Output Accessories for your environmental chamber or incubator to increase functionality and compatibility. Data Output: 0-5V, for model 3960, 3961, 3962, FACTORY INSTALLED

Thermo Scientific™ HEPA2 VOC-Filtersystem für Inkubatoren und Klimakammern

Get maximum flexibility for your incubator or environmental chamber with these Thermo Scientific™ Incubator and Environmental Chamber accessories. Einlegeboden-Kit, Edelstahl (bestehendausFührungsschienen und einem Einlegeboden)

Thermo Scientific™ HEPA Filter, Pack von 10 Stück

For use with Fisher Scientific Isotemp CO2 and Thermo Scientific Napco incubators as indicated Replacement gas connection inline filters (10 pk)

Thermo Scientific™ Digital and Touchscreen Dry Bath Accessories

Get maximum flexibility for your Dry Baths/Block Heaters with a variety of accessories for any application. Block 1 x 96 ELISA-Mikrotiterplatte

Corning™ LSE Digital Dry Bath Heater Blocks

dual block, 384 well PCR plate

Thermo Scientific™ Digital Kühlungs-Trockenbad

Maximize lab space and flexiblity with our compact programmable heating/cooling bath with digital display. COOL/HEAT DRYBTH230V/INTL PLG

Corning™ LSE™ Digital Dry Bath Accessory, Single Blocks

Choice of configurations for use with LSE Digital Dry Bath Heater single block, 96 well PCR plate, skirted or nonskirted

Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Digital Dry Baths/Block Heaters

Increase lab versatility Blockthermostat Standard 2 Bl. 200-240V

Eppendorf™ Thermoblock für MTP und DeepWell Platten

Use these thermoblocks with the Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ comfort and ThermoStat plus for a wide range of heating, cooling and mixing applications. Eppendorf™ Thermoblocks for MTPs and Deepwell Plates fit almost any lab tube format and allow maintaining accurate, uniform temperatures. Wechselblock für 1 MikrotiterplatteMIKROTITERPLATTEN

Eppendorf™ Austauschbarer Thermoblock

Wechselblock für 1.5-2ml, Cryo-Tubes, fürThermomixer comfort und ThermoStat plus

Fisher Scientific™ Blocks for Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Digital Dry Baths/Block Heaters

A variety of blocks for any application Block 1 x 96 ELISA-Mikrotiterplatte

Accessories for Isotemp™ and Napco CO2 Incubators: Inner Door Lock

For use with Fisher Scientific Isotemp CO2 and Thermo Scientific Napco incubators as indicated Inner door lock for 3110 & 8000 series, customerinstalled, 2/Pk, MA: 190646

Thermo Scientific™ Shelving Options and Accessories for Environmental Chambers and Incubators

Utilize shelving options and accessories to increase the flexibility of your Thermo Scientific™ Environmental Chamber or Incubator. TABLAR VERSTÄRKT ZU 95418

Thermo Scientific™ HEATER BLOCK FOR 10MM TUBES

Modular heating blocks for all Lab-Line modular dry baths HEATER BLOCK FOR 10MM TUBES

Thermo Scientific™ Midi CO2-Inkubatoren

Dieses kompakte Gerät bietet eine umfassende Steuerung, Überwachung und Anzeige aller Parameter und lässt sich einfach und effizient bedienen. INKUBATOR CO2 39,6L MIDI 40MIDI

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Steri-Cult CO2 Incubator Accessories

Increase efficiency, enable portability UNTERGESTELL VERSTELLBAR ZU 95540

Bibby Scientific™ REAKTIONSBLOCK 40 X 24MM F. RS9000 RS9000


Corning™ CellSTACK , Stacking Device, Orange, ABS, Non Sterile, Individually Packaged (VE=5)

Optimizes incubator space when used to stack CellSTACK Culture Chambers CellSTACK , Stacking Device, Orange, ABS, NonSterile, Individually Packaged (VE=5)

Thermo Scientific™ 821L Incubated/Refrigerated Stability Chamber with Humidity Control

Environmental chambers are designed to last and meet your need now and in the future Konstantklimakammer 821L, 0-60°C, Geregelte Luftfeuchte

Thermo Scientific™ Relative Humidity System Options for Environmental Chambers and Incubators

Address specific requirements to the relative humidity system of your chamber. Condensate Evaporator for model 3948 and 3907, includes separate line cord, 240V

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ 310 Direct Heat CO2-Inkubatoren

Sparen Sie Platz mit stapelbaren Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ 310 Direct-Heat CO2-Inkubatoren, die hohe Kapazität mit einem benutzerfreundlichen Design verbinden. CO2 INKUBATOR DIREKT BEHEIZT

Thermo Scientific™ Calibration Certificates and temperature mapping reports for Environmental Chambers and Incubators

Order calibration and / or temperature mapping service with your equipment. UNIT SPECIFIC CALIBRATION CERTIF.CERTIF.