Thermo Scientific™ Forma Steri-Cult™ CO2-Inkubatoren

Legen Sie mit diesen stapelbaren CO2-Inkubatoren mit Mikroprozessorsteuerung große Volumina von Zellkulturen an – bei hohem Kontaminationsschutz. Steri-Cult CO2-Inkubator Modell 3308, 232 Liter,

Thermo Scientific™ Digital and Touchscreen Dry Bath Accessories

Get maximum flexibility for your Dry Baths/Block Heaters with a variety of accessories for any application. Misch-Block 0.5ml & 0.2ml

Thermo Scientific™ Compact Dry Bath Accessories

Increase your application capabilities with a variety of accessories for the Compact Dry Baths/Block Heaters. Plastikabdeckung 1

Thermo Scientific™ Zubehör für Inkubatoren und Umweltkammern

Get maximum flexibility for your incubator or environmental chamber with these Thermo Scientific™ Incubator and Environmental Chamber accessories. Einlegeboden-Kit, Edelstahl (bestehendausFührungsschienen und einem Einlegeboden)

Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for Isotemp™ and Napco CO2 Incubators: Support Stand

For use with Fisher Scientific Isotemp CO2 and Thermo Scientific Napco incubators as indicated Rollenuntergestell für 3110 Serie

Thermo Scientific™ Stützrahmen für Heracell™ 150i CO2-Inkubatoren

For use with Thermo Scientific Heracell™ 150i CO2 Incubators Untergestell auf Rollen für Heracell Nr.: 50057161

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ CO2 Incubator Accessories

Precisely control the CO2 and temperature with Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Series CO2 Incubators.  Forma™ CO2 Incubator Accessories are important components for optimal operation. COPPER INTERIOR COMPONENTS KITSKITS

Thermo Scientific™ Touch Screen Dry Bath/Block Heater

Achieve precise temperature stability and uniformity with our easy-to-use touch screen dry bath. Blockthermostat erweitert 4 Bl. 200-240V

Thermo Scientific™ Digital Kühlungs-Trockenbad

Maximize lab space and flexiblity with our compact programmable heating/cooling bath with digital display. COOL/HEAT DRYBTH230V/INTL PLG

Wahlmöglichkeiten und Zubehör für Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ 150i und 240i CO2 Inkubatoren

Support stands and shelves Stapeladapter zum Stapeln von 2 Stück HERAcell 240

Cole Parmer™ BLOCK FüR 40X0,5ML+15X1,5ML RöHR. RöHR.


Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for Isotemp™ and Napco CO2 Incubators: N2 Gas Regulator

For use with Fisher Scientific Isotemp CO2 and Thermo Scientific Napco incubators as indicated Zweistufiger N2-Regler

Thermo Scientific™ HEPA Filter, Pack von 10 Stück

For use with Fisher Scientific Isotemp CO2 and Thermo Scientific Napco incubators as indicated Replacement gas connection inline filters (10 pk)

Thermo Scientific Accessories for Digital Heating Cooling Drybath

Optimize the performance of your Thermo Scientific™ Digital Cooling Bath by using these accessories. HEAT/COOL BATH BLOCK 13MM

Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm Kühlbrutschränke

Erleben Sie den Fortschritt bei der Inkubation mit besserer Temperaturgenauigkeit, höherer Energieeffizienz und verbesserter Anwenderfreundlichkeit. Heratherm IMP400 Refrigerated Incubator 5 to 70°C

Thermo Scientific Accessories for Digital Heating Shaking Baths

Use Thermo Scientific Accessories for Digital Shaking Baths to optimize flexibility and performance. SHAKE/HEAT BLOCK 0.5 WELL


Conduct 10 different reactions simultaneously within the same reaction unit. Electrothermal™ Integrity 10 Reaction Stations are designed to allow each reaction to be conducted within its own cell, at its own individual temperature and stir rate. REACTION BLOCK 10 POSSITIONS

Electrothermal™ STEM RS1000 Heating and Stirring Reaction Station

Use to perfom a varieity of applications from simple synthesis in the laboratory to Process Optimisation and Screening in industry. Electrothermal™ Heating and Stirring Reaction Station has 10 positions that can be programmed to run simultaneously at the same temperature and stirring rate. Dry block heated and stirring 10 x 24mm dia.tubes temp range +5-150C stabilty 0.5C speed

EVOS™ FL Auto Cell Imaging System Accessory, Onstage Incubator

Onstage incubation system allows long-term monitoring of cell cultures and time-lapse imaging at high resolution On stage incubator FL Auto

Fisherbrand™ Metallthermostat

Use these single and dual block heaters for a variety of applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial settings. Fisherbrand™ Metal Thermostats provide users with digital performance and convenience at an analog price. Dry baths feature a broad temperature range up to 150°C and excellent uniformity. Digital drybath, dual block, digital, 5C to 150C

Cole Parmer™ KUEHL-/HEIZTHERMOSTAT -10/+100°C


Corning™ LSE™ Digital Dry Bath Heaters

Wide temperature set range from ambient 5 to 150°C LSE Digital Dry Bath Heater, Dual Block120V

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp CO2 Incubator

Value for everyday cell culturing . The Fisherbrand CO2 incubator provides proven technologies for reliable, homogenous growth environment and dependable quality. Fisherbrand CO2 inkubator, 150L Edelstahlkammer, 90°C Dekontaminationsroutine, IR CO2-Sensor



Fisher Scientific™ Blocks for Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Digital Dry Baths/Block Heaters

A variety of blocks for any application Block 15 x 16mm Durchmesser

Thermo Scientific™ Access Ports for Environmental Chambers and Incubators

Provide a point of entry for probes and monitoring devices in environmental chambers and incubators with Access Ports. Port for model 3920, 3940, 3948, 3949, 3907, 3911, 3913, 38mmID center right wall, FACTORY INSTALLED

Thermo Scientific™ Data Output Accessories for Environmental Chambers and Incubators

Integrate Thermo Scientific™ Data Output Accessories for your environmental chamber or incubator to increase functionality and compatibility. SCHREIBER 0-60°C 7 TAGE