Brillen, Schutzbrillen und Gesichtsmasken

3M™ Schutzbrille aus Polycarbonat

Offers adjustable template length for increased compliance and comfort. The 3M Polycarbonate Protective Safety safety glasses offer excellent impact resistance. Schutzbrille 3M

3M™ Schutzbrille aus Polycarbonat

Offers adjustable template length for increased compliance and comfort. The 3M Polycarbonate Protective Safety safety glasses offer excellent impact resistance. Schutzbrille 3M

Fisher Scientific™ Hands-Free Standlupen, faltbar

Allow two-handed examination of objects while yielding a sharp, crisp and distinct image ILLUMINATED POCKET MAGNIFIER0.5'

3M™ SecureFit™ Augenschutz

Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology that helps diffuse pressure over the ear to enhance frame comfort SAFETY GLASSES SECUREFIT - AMBER LENS AS/AF

3M™ Safety Glasses


3M™ Schutzbrille mit Scheiben aus Polycarbonat, Serie 2840

Safety spectacles 3M(TM) integrated browguard for

3M™ Polycarbonate Safety Glasses

Spectacle 3M(TM) Light Vision clear anti-fog lens

3M™ Goggle Gear 501 PC Helder

Scotchgard Anti-Fog coating resists fogging longer than traditional anti-fog coatings and retains its effectiveness even after multiple washings. Goggle Gear 501 PC Helder

3M™ SecureFit™ Serie 400, Augenschutz

Reduces slippage from head movements. 3M™ SecureFit™ Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog Safety Spectacles provide a secure and comfortable fit with the 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology. SecureFit 400 AS/AF, PC, gelb, Rahmen schwarz/grün

3M™ Besucherbrillen aus Polycarbonat

To be worn their own or over current style prescription spectacles. 3M™ Polycarbonate Visitor Glasses lenses with integrated molded sideshields and browguards provide maximum protection. X20 SAFETY GLASSES VISITOR PC COLORELESS

3M™ Tora™ Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses

Safety spectacles 3M(TM) Tora(TM) peripheral

3M™ Überbrille aus Polycarbonat, Serie 2800

Feature an inclined lens and thin adjustable temples. The 3M Polycarbonate Oversafety glasses are designed to fit over most users' prescription glasses with minimal interference. Schutzbrille AS, UV, PC, klar überKorrektionsbrillen und/oder für Besucher

3M™ Überbrille aus Polycarbonat

A reliable, economical choice in vision safety. 3M™ Tour-Guard™ III Protective Over-the-Glass Eyewear features durable, sturdy construction to help protect sight with confidence and clarity. BRILLE OX2000

3M™ Maxim™ Sicherheitsbrille mit Kunststoffrahmen

Features adjustable temples and nose bridge, a cushioned browguard and a ventilation channel designed to help prevent fogging and vent heat away from the face. 3M™ Maxim™ Plastic Frame Safety Glasses are lightweight, stylish, and durable. SAFETY GLASSES PC MAXIM

3M™ Spare Screen/Peelable Film


Fisherbrand™ Magnifier mini 1.75x magnification lens measures 185 x 100mm, stand height 207mm

Enlarges objects for easier viewing. Fisherbrand™ Mini-Magnifier swivels for comfortable observation. mini 1.75x magnification lens measures 185 x

3M™ Polypropylene Over Eye Glass


3M™ BX™ Reader Protective Eyewear

Designed for workers who have difficulty reading small print or are engaged in small detail work. 3M™ BX™ Reader Protective Eyewear features lighweight lenses with adjustable soft tip temples and integrated side shields.
Spectacles 3M BX wrap around silver/black frame,

3M™ Polycarbonate Lens Safety Goggles


3M™ Schutzbrille aus Polycarbonat, Serie 2720

Provides reliable protection against specified levels of hazardous UV radiation. The 3M Polycarbonate Protective Safety safety glasses are lightweight glasses with a sporty, modern design. Schutzbrille 3M

3M™ Disposable Lens Cleaning Tissue Dispenser, 500 Sachets

Provides effective cleaning solutions for a range of work environments. 3M™ Disposable Lens Cleaning Tissue Dispenser, 500 Sachets can be easily carried in pockets for use in the field.

3M™ M106 Gesichtsschild Polycarbonat Visier klar

M106 GesichtsschildPolycarbonat Visier klar

Fisher Scientific™ Lupen

Applied for laboratory use and other precision scientific work ADJUSTABLE FOCUS MAGNIFIER

3M™ Gesichtsschutz aus Polycarbonat

X10 Facesheild Holder/frame for G3000 Helmet

3M™ Schutzbrillen aus Polycarbonat


3M™ Refine 300 Serie, Schutzbrille mit Polykarbonatgläsern

Provides excellent coverage with fewer gaps where dangerous flying debris can damage the eyes. 3M™ Refine 300 Series Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog Safety Glasses are especially designed to fit smaller head and face shapes. Spectacle 3M(TM) Refine 300 anti-scratch andanti-fog, polycarbonate lenses EN166 blue frame

3M™ Maxim Safety Glasses

Maxim Hybrid ruimzicht veiligheidsbril, helder gla

3M™ Plastic Spectacle Dispenser

3M Spectacle Dispenser 26-1000-00