Augenduschen und Duschen

Ekastu Safety™ Mini Augenspülflaschen

Made for immediate rinsing of the eyes after accidental splashing from acids, bases and other hazardous chemicals. EKASTU Safety™ Eye Wash Bottle with Funnel can be used in either upright or horizontal positions. AUGENSPÜLFLASCHE MIT TRICHTER, MITMIT

Esculape Laboratoire™ Tragbare Augenspülflasche

Esculape™ Augenspülflaschen mit Transporttasche mit Gürtelschlaufe eignen sich für die Erste Hilfe. ERSATZSPUELFLASCHE 200 ML

Euro Protection™ Eye Wash


Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Augenwaschflasche

In an emergency, time matters. The SP Scienceware™ Eye Wash Bottle built-in eye cup provides immediate care. BOTTLE, LDPE, EYE WASH, CAPPED AIR VENT VE=1

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Sicherheitsaugenwaschstation

The SP Scienceware™ Eye Wash Safety Stations offers built-in eye cup that allows the user to be treated in any position and provides effective and immediate eye irrigation. BEL-ART-AUGENWASCH- STATION 1000 ML-FLASCHE

Kartell™ Integrierte Augenspülflasche aus Polyethylen

Equipped with an eyecup and specially designed snap-on cap for fast and convenient eye washing to remove foreign objects quickly and prevent serious damage to vision. Kartell™ Polyethylene Integral Eye Wash Bottles can be filled with distilled water or any other medicated liquid intended for ophthalmic use. Augenspühlflasche, PE, 500ml, (VE=10tck.) (ohneMedium)

Esculape Laboratoire™ Mix Eyestation

Use Esculape Laboratoire™ Mix Eyestation within six months of its placement since it expires and requires a bi-annual maintenance schedule. These units must be cleaned and refilled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. MIX EYESTATION