Thermo Scientific™ Buckets and Lids for Thermo Scientific Sorvall™ Legend™ Mach 1.6™ 4-Place Swinging Bucket Rotor 75-002-000

For use with Sorvall Legend Mach 1.6/1.6R Centrifuges when equipped with 4-Place Swinging Bucket Rotor 75-002-000. X2 SEALING CAPS SET OF 2AEROSOL T

Thermo Scientific™ CL2 Accessories

For use with Swinging-bucket rotor Sealed Shield 50 ML Falcon/Corning, Each

Fisher Scientific™ Adapters for Fisher Scientific™ accuSpin™ 4-Place Rotor with Rectangular Bucket

Festwinkelrotor 'Alu/Hermetik', f. 18x 1,5/2mlGefäße, 3 Adaptersätze je 24 Hülsen

Thermo Scientific™ Four-Place Swinging Bucket Rotor and Aerocarrier Sealed Tube Insert for CL2 Centrifuges

For use in 002360F swinging bucket rotor Sealed Aerocarrier 1x50 ML Falcon/Corning, EachMA: 02091SF

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Adapter für Stratos™ Ausschwingrotor, 4 Plätze

For use with Thermo Scientific Sorvall Stratos Centrifuges in Four-Place Swinging Bucket Rotor 75-003-047 with Round Bucket 75-008-172 Centri-Lab Adapter Typ B, für 4 x 15 mlBlutentnahmegefäße (weiß)

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend™ T/RT Centrifuge Tube Adapters for Four-Place Swing Bucket Bioshield Rotor

For use with four-place Bioshield rotor 75-006-435 and with four-place rotor 75-006-445 when equipped with rectangular bucket 75-006-446 Centri-lab-Adapter Nr. 75006452

Thermo Scientific™ 4-Place Swinging Bucket Rotor, Trunnion Rings, Buckets for Centrific 225

Accessories for Centrific 225 Centrifuge Tube Shield 50 ML , Each, MA: 003200F

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend™ T/RT Centrifuge Tube Adapters for Round Rotor Buckets

For use with four-place rotors 75006445 and 75006434 when equipped with round bucket 75006441 Centri-Lab Adapter Typ C, für 35 x 7 mlDIN-Gefäße (gelb)

Thermo Scientific™ Tube Adapters for Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend Round Rotor Buckets

Tube set for round rotor buckets Adapter 7 x50 ml konisch VE 4 St.

Eppendorf™ Becher 250 mL für Rotor S-4-72Satz à 4 Stück

For use with rotor in Eppendorf Model 5804/5810 centrifuges X4 250ML BUCKET FOR ROTOR S-4-72

Thermo Scientific™ Round Buckets for 4-Place Swinging Bucket Rotor

4 x 100mL capacity buckets fit the Thermo Scientific Swinging 4-place rotor (75-007-591) Rundbecher 100ml, für DIN- /Falcon-/ Blut-entnahmegefäße (für Rotor 75007591)

Thermo Scientific™ Rundbecher für Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Stratos Rotor

For use with Four-Place Swinging Bucket Rotor 75-003-047 Rundbecher 180ml, für alle handelsüblichenGefäße'B'

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend™ T/RT Centrifuge Buckets for 4-Place Swinging Bucket Rotors

Round or rectangular buckets for use with Four-Place Swinging Bucket Rotors 75006445 and 75006434 Rundbecher für Centri-Lab Adapter C, einschl.Flasche 75006443

Thermo Scientific™ accuSpin™ 1/1R Buckets and Lids

For use with swinging bucket rotor 13-100-584 BUCKET,ROUND 400ML

Eppendorf™ Entnahmehilfe, für RotorS-4-104, Satz à 2 Stück

Accessory for deepwell plate bucket in S-4-104 swing bucket rotor X2 PLATE REMOVAL TOOL FOR S-4-104

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Mikrotiterplattenträger

Accommodates 4 × 4 standard microplates (or one deepwell plate) Mikrotiterträger für 4 Mikrotiterplatten, m.Metallträger zum einf. Be- und Entladen

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Lid for Primo™ Round Buckets

Provides biocontainment protection Aerosoldichte Kappe f. Rundbecher 75007555BECHER

Eppendorf™ 750mL Round Buckets for S-4-104 Rotor

In packs of two or four X2 BUCKET 750 ML FOR S-4-104

Eppendorf™ S-4-104 Rotorbecher-Deckel für Mikrotiterplatten

Use these caps for 150mL round buckets. Eppendorf™ Aerosol-tight caps are for use with Rotor S-4-104, Rotor S-4x750 and Rotor S-4x1000.ids X2 AEROSOL-TIGHT CAP FOR 750ML BUCKET /S-4-104

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend™ T/RT Centrifuge Multiple Buckets for Four-Place Swinging Bucket Rotors

For high-capacity blood collection tubes Vielfachträger für 20 x 10/15 ml Blutentnahmegefäße, für Rotor 75006445