Antibiotika, Puffer und Ergänzungsstoffe

Corning™ Linoleic Acid/Albumin Complex

Corning Linoleic Acid/Albumin Complex is an essential component used as the basis of serum-free or serum-reduced defined media. Linolensäure/Albumin-Komplex, 500mg BSA/2,5mgLinolensäure

MES sodium salt, 99%, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: MES sodium salt CAS.: 71119-23-8 Assay: ≥98.5% (after ion exchange) Prozentgehaltsbereich: 99% Summenformel: C6H12NNaO4S Molare Masse: 217.22 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00065473 100GR MES Natriumsalz, 99%

Corning™ Epidermale Wachstumsfaktoren, EGF-Protein

Enhance the proliferation of a wide variety of cell types 100UG Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Mouse Natural

Alfa Aesar™ Ciprofloxacin, 98%

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Ciprofloxacin CAS.: 85721-33-1 Summenformel: C17H18FN3O3 Molare Masse: 331.3 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00185755 Beilstein: 3568352 Merck Index: 14,2314 25GR Ciprofloxacin, 98%

Gibco™ Autolyzed Yeast Extract (15% solution)

A concentrated extract of soluble amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals YEAST EXT SOL

Molecular Probes™ Epidermal Growth Factor, Biotin-XX Conjugate (biotin EGF)

This purified epidermal growth factor (EGF) contains a single biotin-XX molecule on the N-terminal amino acid EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR,The biotin-XX EGF conjugate contains a

Ofloxacin, 98%, Acros Organics™

Infrarotspektrum: Authentic Verlust bei Trocknung: 0.2% max. Schmelzpunkt.: 280.0° to 275.0°C Molare Masse: 361.37 Informationen zur Löslichkeit: Solubility in water: slightly soluble. CAS.: 82419-36-1 Summenformel: C18H20FN3O4 Assay: 98% Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Ofloxacin 5GR Ofloxacin, 98%

Polymixin B Sulfate, Fisher BioReagents

1GR Polymixin B sulfate (Dry, White or Off-White Powder)

Gibco™ Kanamycin Sulfate

Water-soluble antibiotic originally purified from bacterium Streptomyces kanamyceticus KANAMYCIN SULFATE

HEPES, 99%, for biochemistry, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: HEPES CAS.: 7365-45-9 Reinheitsgrad: For biochemistry Assay: ≥98.5% (on dried substance) (Acid) Prozentgehaltsbereich: 99% Summenformel: C8H18N2O4S Molare Masse: 238.3 100GR HEPES, 99%, für die Biochemie

Molecular Probes™ OXYBURST™ Green H2HFF BSA - Special Packaging

Sensitive fluorogenic reagent for detecting extracellular release of oxidative products in a spectrofluorometer/fluorescence microscope OxyBURST Green H2HFF BSA special packaging, 5 x 1mg

Alfa Aesar™ Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, Streptococcus equi, 91%

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Hyaluronic acid sodium salt CAS.: 9067-32-7 Anmerkung zur Bezeichnung: Streptococcus equi MDL-Nummer: MFCD01773053 Merck Index: 14,4757 1GR Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, Streptococcus equi, 91% 1g

Molecular Probes™ Lipopolysaccharides from Salmonella Minnesota, Alexa Fluor™ 488 conjugate

Bright, green-fluorescent conjugate can be used to follow lipopolysaccharide binding, transport and cell-internalization processes Lipopolysaccharides 100ug, from Salmonellaminnesota, Alexa Fluor(r) 488 conjugate

Corning™ Nu-Serum™ IV Growth Medium Supplement

Provides a low-serum alternative to newborn calf, fetal bovine, and other sera used for cell culture 500ML Nu-Serum IV Growth Medium Supplement

Gibco™ Sodium Bicarbonate 7.5% solution

Commonly used for maintaining the pH of cell culture medium in the presence of 4 to 10% carbon dioxide SODIUM BICARBONATE SOL, 100ML, MA: 25080094

Doxycycline hydrochloride Alfa Aesar™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Doxycycline hydrochloride CAS.: 10592-13-9 Summenformel: C22H24N2O8·HCl Molare Masse: 480.9 MDL-Nummer: MFCD03427564 5GR Doxycycline hydrochloride

Blasticidin S Hydrochloride (From Streptomyces Griseochromogenes), Fisher BioReagents

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Blasticidin S Hydrochloride Anmerkung zur Bezeichnung: From Streptomyces griseochromogenes CAS.: 3513-03-9 Physikalische Form: Powder/Solid Prozentgehaltsbereich: ≥99.0 % Summenformel: C17H26N8O5 · HCl Molare Masse: 458.69 Synonym: BLA-S 25MG Blasticidin S hydrochloride, (from Streptomyces griseochromogenes) (White Powder),

Gibco™ HEPES (Ultra Pure)

A zwitterionic organic chemical buffering agent commonly used in cell culture media HEPES (Ultra Pure), 1 kg

Alfa Aesar™ Bleomycin sulfate, mixture of salts

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Bleomycin sulfate CAS.: 9041-93-4 Anmerkung zur Bezeichnung: mixture of salts MDL-Nummer: MFCD0070310 Merck Index: 14,1318 100MG Bleomycin sulfate, mixture of salts 100mg

Molecular Probes™ pHrodo™ Red Dextran, 10,000 MW, for Endocytosis

Dark in extracellular environment, however, upon internalization, acidic environment of endosomes elicits a bright, red-fluorescent signal from dextran conjugate dextran, pHrodo 10,000 MW for endocytosis , 0,5 mg

Oxacillin sodium salt, 95%, Acros Organics™

Infrarotspektrum: Authentic Wasser: 3.5 to 5.0% Molare Masse: 423.42 Informationen zur Löslichkeit: Solubility in water: 50g/L. CAS.: 1173-88-2 Summenformel: C19H18N3NaO5S Assay: 95% Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Oxacillin sodium salt 5GR Oxacillin Natriumsalz, 95%

Corning™ Nu-Serum Wachstumsmedium-Supplement

Provides a low-serum alternative to newborn calf, fetal bovine, and other sera used for cell culture Nu-Serum TM I, 100 ml

Streptomycin Sulfate, Fisher BioReagents

50GR Streptomycin sulfate (White to Light Yellow Powder)

Bicine, 99+%, for biochemistry, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Bicine Anmerkung zur Bezeichnung: For biochemistry CAS.: 150-25-4 CAS Min. %.: 99.0 CAS Max. %.: 100.0 Reinheitsgrad: For biochemistry Assay: ≥99% Prozentgehaltsbereich: 99+% Summenformel: C6H13NO4 Strukturformel: (HOCH2CH2)2NCH2CO2H Molare Masse: 163.17 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00004295 Synonym: Diethylolglycine 100GR Bicin, 99+%, für die Biochemie

Alfa Aesar™ Erythromycin, Cell Culture Grade

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Erythromycin CAS.: 114-07-8 Reinheitsgrad: Cell Culture Grade Summenformel: C37H67NO13 Molare Masse: 733.93 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00084654 Beilstein: 75279 Merck Index: 14,3681 25GR Erythromycin, Cell Culture Grade 25g

Vancomycin hydrochloride, >900 microgram/mg, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Vancomycin hydrochloride Assay: ≥80.0% (vancomycin B) (HPLC), 9.0% (individual impurities) max., greater than 900μg/mg (potency, on anhydrous substance) Summenformel: C66H75Cl2N9O24·HCl Molare Masse: 1485.73 1GR Vancomycin Hydrochlorid, >900 microgram/mg

Gibco™ KaryoMAX™ Giemsa Stain Solution

For G-banding of chromosomes for cytogenetic analysis KMAX GIEMSA STAIN

Gibco™ Molecular Probes™ Gentamicin

Water-soluble antibiotic drug originally purified from the fungus Micromonospora purpurea X10 GENTAMICIN (10x10ML)

Miconazole (Free Base), Fisher BioReagents

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Miconazole Anmerkung zur Bezeichnung: Free Base CAS.: 22916-47-8 Prozentgehaltsbereich: 98% Summenformel: C18H14Cl4N2O Molare Masse: 416.13 Synonym: 1-[2, 4-Dichloro-β-([2, 4-dichloro-benzyl]oxy)phenethyl]imidazole 25GR Miconazole (Free Base),

Chloramine-T trihydrate, 98%

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Chloramine-T Trihydrate CAS.: 7080-50-4 Summenformel: C7H7CINNaO2S·3H2O Molare Masse: 281.69; 227.67 (anhydrous) MDL-Nummer: MFCD00149066 UN-Nummer: UN3263 Beilstein: 3924168 Merck Index: 14,2075 CHLORAMINE-T TRIHYDRATE, 98%,250G