Vorgeritzte durchsichtige Gold-Band™ Ampullen

Prescored to eliminate need for filing Ampulle, Klarglas, 5ml, VE=144 St.

Wheaton™ Ampullenöffner

Prevent cross-contamination with these snappers for 1 and 2mL ampules Wheaton Ampule Snapper, 144 St.PLASTIKHUELLEN

Prescored Gold-Band™ Amber Ampules

Protect light-sensitive samples X144 AMPULLE BRAUN AUTOC 5ML


For small volume samples X567 SPERATING FUNNEL 2ML

Wheaton™ Prescored Clear Standards Ampules

Glass containers designed to be hermetically sealed, preserving purity and extending content shelf life AMPULLEN 20 ML(VE=25Stck.)

Wheaton™ Cryule™ Gold-Band™ Cryogenic Ampules

For preservation of biological materials with liquid nitrogen AMPULLE 2ML NIEDERE T°C(VE=144Stck.)

Azlon™ Ampullenöffner

 Break glass ampoules safely with easy and safe disposable of the broken glass . The AzlonTM ampoule breaker comes in a choice of sizes. X1000 AMPOULE BREAKERS 5-10ML